Currently HG is made up of five players and, of course, a GM; they are as follows:

Almighty GM: Rob
Ariia – Eladrin Rogue: Played by Courtney
Breo – Dragonborn Paladin: Played by Jess
Buddy-Gum – Gnome Bard: Played by Kevin (Currently MIA)
Hinawen – Eladrin Cleric: Played by Melissa
Mordant – Tiefling Warlock: Played by Luke
Shade – Dragonborn Assassin: Played by Jon (Retired)
Tuisligh – Human Swordmage: Played by Jim

Our group tries to faithfully meet once a week, but more often than naught, we end up skipping weeks at a time due to conflicts in work schedules. Nonetheless, we are always eager to get back into the swing of things.

We are working hard at trying to make our world come to life for everyone, so please be patient while we flush out our adventures, characters, maps, etc. Also, feel free to leave us comments!

Note From Our GM To Members
This page is basically going to be a nice supplement/archive for our campaign, to keep track of things like PCs, NPCs, places, events, histories, and anything else.

Make sure to register & add your character to this site, if nothing else. If you really want to contribute, though, feel free to fill out your pages with character journals, backgrounds, world buildout, or anything else you feel like adding! Who knows, there may just be some XP bonuses at the end of each month for players who are helping us keep a record!

Horizon's Glow

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