Shade-Dragon Born Assassin Lvl 7


Stuff, Lots of Stuff

Str 12, Con 11, Dex 19, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 17

Ath 4, End 3, Acr 12, Ste 12, Thv 12, Arc 8, His 5, Rlg 3, Dgn 2
Hea 2, Ins 2, Nat 2, Per 7, Blf 6, Dpl 6, Itm 8, Stw 6

Initiative 7, Spd 6,
Pas Per 17, Pas Ins 12
HP 45, AC 20, For 15, Ref 17, Wil 17

Racial Features
Dragonborn Fury- +1 while bloodied
Draconic Heritage- Add Con mod to heal surge value
Dragon Breath- encounter, Dex Vs Ref, Poison Dmg
Intimidate bonus, History bonus

And Yes, Some other Stuff Too…


*In a rocky outcrop, settled deep within the wintry land of Letherna, rests a village, of the race of dragon born warriors. Here a rare event is taking place, a dragon birth. To this village, Fate has spoken and has spread it’s shadow on the town’s inhabitants. Disease has ravaged the land far too long and Death roams freely, taking whom it chooses. So a birth would be the essence of continual existence, but alas, just as fate would show and ounce of dignity, she turns her face cold as the very land itself. Stillborn, the child is dead. A crime against the very gods, and so, to the gods they take their lament. To the Raven Queen, the ruler of the known underworld, of death and fate, they cry out in agony and desperation. For this is her domain and she of all could grant such a meager request. And then, something miraculous happened…

*Shade Had grown into a superb athlete, the very essence of his Class. Quite handsome, much narrower, slender, and brilliant in the art of stealth. It was for his feats of this caliber that his clan sent him away in search of the assassin clan in the great forests so many years ago. he did not belong to a warrior clan, he was, different. and so he had found his way, excelling and quickly becoming one of the youngest students to pass the dark trials. he had surpassed all of his teachers and finally earned his name. They called him Shade anyway because his clan said that,“he was in the shade of deaths door, and lived”. But now he had actually earned the rank of 1ST Class Shade Assassin.

*2 Years Passed, The Camp was desolate, not a soul survivor, save one. It happened during the feast of passing, a yearly ritual giving right of passage to the dead into their resting places in the underworld. The mist and chill swept through the trees so suddenly, none had a chance to react. Up from the ground, swarms of creature sprang to life, sweeping throughout the camp, all life was silenced, as a candle is snuffed out. they were Ju-Ju Zombies, an army of undead, sent from the very underworld the recently deceased were now entering. Out of the shadows, emerged the sol survivor of the annihilated clan. Shade, now alone, the enemy forces vanished, lowered his cowl, then crouched low to examine a fallen clan member. “It’s begun”, he whispered with a smirk to no one. Then raised back up and disappeared back into the shadows once again.

*Some time later, Shade encountered a traveling party, who had orders given by the Raven Queen. “I come from the Raven Queen too”, he thought to himself, remembering his clan from birth. and so, he joined the group of travelers on their quest to stop someone or something. he didn’t much care for the people or their quest, but for the glorified Raven Queen, he would go to great lengths to repay, plus, one of the members of this company interested him surprisingly enough and he wanted to become a bit more acquainted before he took his leave. So together the group set off…


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