• Brent Spiner

    Brent Spiner

    A stocky, homely man with a fierce red beard who makes his living guarding merchant caravans out of Vvardenfell. Wanted dead by Kol's gang.
  • Kol


    A shady guy inhabiting the back alleys of the Layman's district slums in Vvardenfell. Asked the party to assassinate Brent. Douche.
  • Marshall Cormick

    Marshall Cormick

    The head of Vvardenfell's City Guard. He seems an honest, honorable sort, if a tad slow in strategery,
  • Nigel Spears

    Nigel Spears

    The small-time crime boss turned riot-runner. Apparently trying to overthrow Vvardenfell's merchant oligarchy.
  • Ricochet


    Hinawen's ritual animal, a flying squirrel, that allows her to communicate from a distance
  • The Dark Lord Bane

    The Dark Lord Bane

    Evil incarnate. Is trying to reassemble the Staff of Crystallus from the magical residue found in the crystals of the same name.
  • The Great Bear

    The Great Bear

    Leader of the Logging Camp