Horizon's Glow

When HG Becomes Infamous in Logtown

Adventure on January 16, 2010

After fighting through underground passages and caverns, HG (Calling us Horizon’s Glow until we come up with a team name?) find themselves in a small room filled with documentation. Deducing that the crystals located in the cave were of great worth in the city of Eggnog (Argob), they decided to look into the city more. Firstly, however, they need to escape. The only passage left to them leads to a guarded, large-scaled, crystal mining operation. Stealing disguise armor and a cart for their equipment is easy, and Hinawen’s ridiculous haul of 50lbs of crystals works out to their advantage as they are placed on top of the equipment. (With an invisible, possibly naked, Buddy-Gum riding on top.)

Even with a clumsy stumble and over eager wagon bearer, HG manages to move past the guards and out of the caverns using stealth and voice throwing abilities. After which they are promptly stopped by a guard check. With information learned from the documentation and harshly exchanged words, HG successfully leaves the site and travel back to town.

In Logtown they report all their knowledge to the town’s leader, Papa Bear, and are rewarded with gold and serviced weapons. Unfortunately Buddy-Gum is displeased with the reward, especially after having to fight so many enemies and losing a party member. He/she spits on Papa Bear, who hits Buddy Gum in return. Due to the strike, Buddy-Gum becomes invisible, is grabbed by Breo and dragged off. But not before lighting a candle and setting the tent on fire as the gang rushes away from the scene.

During extended rest, Breo and Hinawen have the same dream; one which comes from the Raven Queen. The dream leads the two to believe that there is trouble brewing in Eggnog (Argob). The crystals from the cave seem to be the key in creating a sphere with the power to revive the dead; a power that is harnessed by a sorcerer’s staff. The two Raven Queen followers become determined to travel to Egnog; faithful Breo set to destroy the sphere, chaotic-neutral Hinawen thinking on stealing the power for herself.

During the day’s travel, a group of horsed bandits attack them. Breo rushes them, taking on three for herself, while Hinawen and Mo attack from a distance. Buddy Gum turns invisible and proceeds to run down the bandits with the cart. After the bandits are bloodied, Breo succeeds in intimidating them, making them leave their valuables and horses before they run. Injured, HG take another extended rest in their camp built by woodland creatures.




The bronze dragon with a gnome on it = the cart!


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