Horizon's Glow

Bane, Blood & Blowjobs

When we last our slightly heroic persons of interest, they were discussing with Marshal Cormick the leadership structure of the Nigel Spears gang that allegedly took over the merchant district, keeping our protagonists from their much wanted shopping spree. Thanks to Buddy-Gum’s street knowledge they figured the best thing to do would be to head back to Kol, ask for sleeping space and try and happen upon a courier who would have information on shipments coming out of the merchant district.

Once in the underground medieval Hooverville, Tusligh went straight to the bar for the finest grain alcohol in the sewers. Meanwhile Buddy-Gum spotted a likely courier who also happened to be a fellow Gnome. Unfortunately her girlish charms didn’t sway him and he ran off before the gang could get the info they needed. Luckily, they noticed the head of Hooverville using a red card to get through a steam-powered door. The team set to finding another of those red cards and their eyes landed on a likely suspect, a guard by a far wall.

First Buddy-Gum tried unsuccessfully to steal the card. When discovered by the guard, Buddy-Gum slyly covered up the botched thievery with "I was just reaching for your penis!” Next followed a drunk Tusligh who tried to sneak the card away while drunkenly falling on the guard, also a failure. Then Buddy-Gum tried and missed again. By this point the guard got a bit perturbed and drew his sword on Tusligh. While the two battled it out, Buddy-Gum tried once more and succeeded while the rest of the team helped out by placing bets on the fight. Everything ended amicably though when Tusligh thanked the guard for the fight and offered to buy him a drink. Don’t you just love happy endings?

Later that evening, Buddy-Gum used her awesome power of seduction to pull another guard away from his post by the steam-powered door. While the two of them were ahem occupied, Breo, Hinawen and Mo snuck through the door using their newly procured red key card. Tusligh helped by lying passed out drunk on one of the tables.

In the next corridor the gang found a room full of buttons and levers with they proceeded to pull and press hoping fun things would happen. Hinawen perceived a trap between them and a portcullis that had lifted up thanks to vigorous lever pulling. The team managed to jump over the trap successfully and went through the open portcullis only to find a closed one around the corner from it. They realized that one of them would have to stay and operate the levers while the other two wound their way through the corridors. Grumpy Mo and his love of history got the job and successfully jumped the trap one more time to head back to the button room. Using Hinawen’s flying squirrel Ricochet for communication, Hinawen and Breo searched the corridors until they found a ladder leading to both a space above and below them. They went down first and found another lever that could operate the portcullises, allowing Mo to join them, though not before having to jump the trap a third time and getting an arrow in the calf for his troubles.

In the cavern below were three things of import. A room full of sleeping warriors, a room full of awake members of the cult of Bane having fun in their Snuggies™, and a bear rug that Hinawen proceeded to wear and dance around in. Moving up the ladder, the three of them found a storeroom well within the limits of the merchant’s district. A guard stood at the door that Breo quickly dispatched and the three looked out to find general chaos (General Chaos!) lurking outside. They quickly sketched out a plan. They would alert Marshal Cormick of what they had found in the underground caverns using Ricochet for communication purposes. Marshal Cormick mustered his forces for a three-pronged attack at the rear the district, the front and at the caverns below. Meanwhile Mo, Hinawen and Breo would dispatch the cultists.

First to go were the sleeping fighters, followed by a vicious battle with the awake ones, which included some magic missiles, Mo hulking out and some bad mind control. All’s well that ends well though as at the end of the battle the three were joined by their missing team members and Marshal Cormick. The Merchant’s district was secure and the gang could finally go about their quest…. SHOPPING!!!





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