Horizon's Glow

For the adventuring crew “Buddy-Gum’s Discount Dirty Warehouse” (a working title) nothing ever seems to go the way they hoped.

Arriving at Vvardenfell, they had expected to be able to take some time out to rest, relax, gear up, and prepare supplies for the 2+ month long journey to Argob in the East. To the party’s surprise, the city was on lockdown. The normally Merchant-controlled political structure was in disarray, and access to 3 of the 4 districts in the city was restricted.

Buddy-Gum and Tuisligh promptly hit the inn, while the rest of the party walked the streets for information. As Tuisligh proceeded to the bar and ordered a drink to mask his subtle watching of the bar patrons, Buddy-Gum looked around for the closest person who looked drunk, rich, and maybe a little lonely. She managed to find a nice mark, a stocky, homely man with a fierce red beard who made his living guarding merchant caravans. After some flirting and a little price negotiation, she was at work earning her pay. (She went to his room. Offering sex for money. In case that was too subtle…)

After some information gathering, the rest of the party learned that a once small-time gang led by a crook named Nigel Spears may be behind the rioting in the central districts. Also of note; the guards can barely contain the outlaws, and have been relegated to guarding the gates to the Layman’s Quarter, leaving most of the rest of the city in the hands of the criminals. Eventually the party is introduced to Marshall Cormick, who would likely be their best contact in case they wanted to enter the Merchant’s quarter. He informs them that there may also be a way to enter the district by passing through the extensive City Sewer system, although in any case he cannot guarantee their safety. Having faced a considerable amount of danger in the past, though, the party was not intimidated. Still, caution is the ally of any adventurer worth his salt.

Mo the Warlock managed to find a group of degenerates gambling in a back alley. He introduced the rest of the party to them, and after a not-so-friendly game of bones in their seedy den with a low-level fence/bookie/wiseguy named Kol, Breo agreed to look into assassinating a caravan guard named Brent Spiner. Of course, and unbeknownst to the party, Brent was the very same mercenary who was currently setting the inn’s sheets on fire with Buddy-Gum.

The group considered their options. On the one hand, helping the city might be more beneficial in the long term, and would simply be the “right thing to do.” On the other, Kol offered quick and easy access to room, board, and “discount goods” should they complete their task.

Upon returning to the inn, it was eventually discovered that Buddy-Gum had been getting close to Brent while the rest of the group were out gallivanting around the district. Taking action with a quite-possibly overcomplicated plan, the group proposed that Brent stage his own illness as though he’d been affected with a slow-acting poision. He was eventually convinced to comply, though he didn’t like the idea any. It was very obvious from his tone that he’d much rather have faced his would-be enemies head-on, and been far more confident.

Meanwhile, Kol was clearly unhappy with the plan to slowly poison Brent. While he allowed for Buddy-Gum’s assertion that a slow, painful death was more “artistic,” it was clear that he hoped the matter would have been resolved a bit more efficiently. It is also clear that if Brent isn’t seen leaving in a body bag in the next couple of days (something that is out of the question as far as Brent is concerned) there will be trouble.

What will be the fate of the City of Vvardenfell? We await the continuation of the party’s journey with bated breath!





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